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Maintenance plan of automatic injector assembly machine
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First, daily maintenance

1. check the power supply and electric control switch, knob is safe and reliable, to work in all parts of the inspection, there is no abnormal phenomenon and sound, complete equipment inspection card; 2. should maintain complete equipment, lines, gas path intact;

3. to ensure that all parts of the equipment running flexibly;

4. check the equipment inspection system regularly to ensure the normal operation of the equipment,

5. after the end of the daily use of equipment, after the power cleared in time, there is no debris on the rotating disk, so as not to start the machine when rotating into the device, the occurrence of stuck phenomenon.

Two. Monthly maintenance

1. check whether the power supply and electrical control switch, twist and so on are safe and reliable, and whether there is any abnormal phenomenon and sound in each part,

2. lines, gas road integrity, spare parts without defects,

3. inside and outside the equipment clean, no dust, no drop products,

4. drive gear coated with grease lubrication, sliding bearing plus lubricating oil.

Three. Annual maintenance

1. check whether the electrical connectors in electrical cabinet are loose or not,

2. power supply, the power supply voltage of the test equipment is in line with the provisions,

3. inside and outside the equipment clean, no dust, no drop products,

4. replace the retarder oil,

5. drive gears coated with grease lubrication,

6. pass test to check whether the operation of the operating mechanism is normal or not,

After 7. maintenance, the handle should be placed in the non working position, the electrical control switch, twist, etc. revert to "0" position, cut off the power supply.

8. fill in the equipment annual maintenance plan.