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Independent research and development of multi-mode SOC chip for aerospace engineers
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The day before, Chinese second hospital CASIC 25 issued a "precision guided core" 1, a multi-mode SOC chip successfully developed. The chip can be applied to a number of models, marking 25 fully grasp the micro intellectual property rights of the micro system of fine guided products, completely break the monopoly of foreign countries, realize the autonomous control of core products, and go to the road of independent development.

The precision guide core No. 1 contains all the functions of the original 4 pieces of FPGA and 1 pieces of DSP, which can replace the system composed of four circuit boards to meet the needs of the information processing of a series of multi type products, and has good versatility. In order to ensure the production of a successful development team, which lasted 6 months, continuous fighting, tested on the indicators. After the chip is used, the volume and weight can be reduced by more than 70%, the power consumption is reduced by 90%, and the performance is greatly improved.

SOC technology research team is committed to build "fine core", adhere to the "design a demonstration of a variety of" concept, the establishment of SOC development and verification tool environment, formed a complete R & D system. At present, the team has invested hundreds of times of confidence in the development of new generation products. A new generation of products will be more compatible with the field model, using the current advanced heterogeneous multi-core architecture, the development level to the domestic first-class, international advanced, to further promote the 25 product innovation and upgrading.

The development of homemade SOC chip is the only way for future development. The development of "fine guide core" is a solid step on the road of micro - systematization of fine - guided products in 25. Aiming at the application fields such as image processing, multi-mode imaging and target recognition, 25 will develop more powerful "fine guide core", and comprehensively promote the micro systematization of fine guided products.