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Ten reasons for the popularity of apple iPad and iPhone
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If there's anything that can't be countered in the technology industry, that's the success of Apple's iPad and iPhone. In fact, apple said earlier this year that since the smartphone was launched in 2007, it has sold more than 100 million iPhone. In 2010 alone, 15 million iPad were sold worldwide. All of this adds up to billions of dollars from Apple's mobile devices.

But why can iPad and iPhone achieve such a great success? Compared to some of the better smartphones in the market, it's hard to find many of the different factors that make them successful, but they are more popular than the same products in the market. And the probability of changing this situation in the short term is very small.

With this in mind, perhaps people should take a good look at what makes iPad and iPhone so popular with consumers and business customers. Next, the author will analyze the reasons:

1, Apple brand effect

If nothing happens, the success of iPhone and iPad should first be attributed to their development company, apple. In the past ten years, Apple has become one of the most trusted and praised companies in the field of technology because Apple can provide both unique and beautiful products. IPad and iPhone are the same. Because Apple provides consumers with what they want for years, these products are popular all over the world.

2. Celebrity effect of Steve Jobs

Although people will debate whether Steve Jobs is the CEO of science and technology the best in the industry, there is no doubt that he has a large number of fans, these fans will buy any products on his promotion. More importantly, Jobs has a unique ability to attract viewers and the media, and the level of speculation of its products is unmatched by other ceos. These qualities, coupled with apple hardcore fans, helped Jobs push iPhone and iPad to great success.

3, the advent of touch screen

Before the launch of iPhone, many experts in the technology industry know that touch screens will be the trend of the future. However, few people believe that there is a company in 2007 to meet consumer demand for such products. But apple did it, and the launch of iPhone was proof.